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Our server facilities are connected to their own high speed national Internet backbone. For reliability and speed these connections are over redundant OC3s (155 Mbps) lines. For added assurance a DS3 (45 Mbps) with Sprint is maintained.

Our servers consist of  400 MHz Pentium II using Unix operating system. The data is protected with triple backup - with a mirror image on secondary drive,  with compressed data archive, and with digital tape archive. Each server is connected to Cisco 5500 switch via dedicated, full-duplex DEC 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.

Power requirements are protected with a backup UPS with 1 hour battery, backed up by a 250kW  diesel generator with 36 hours of fuel.

All security programs and patches are kept up to date and servers are monitored by a custom Hacking Alert System (HAS) which immediately pages systems administrators when a possible problem is detected.

Servers are controlled by on-site facilities managers who perform the necessary installations, replacements, and monitoring of hardware with access to technical support that have remote monitoring and control capabilities.



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